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i agree with gegecastro

you know how u repeated 'you're a jerk' tons of times in this - maybe we WAS talking to you.

id be pissed if someone did that to me - espicially on the night their showing something id been working on for a long time.

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I only have two word...

Amazing - This flash animation is an inspiration of how if anyone wants to do something they can... It is amazing both by animation but also by the amount of flash artists you have been able to pull together. This flash animation blew me apart...

Sequel - Im at the edge of my seat for the next Big Newgrounds Collab. like this... - Hopefully with even more then 24 artists packed in...

I dont know whether to laugh or cry...

title says it all... had to decide whether to smash my moniter or to stab myself to make the pain of watching this vanish... better luck next time i guess...

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Wow - but boring after a while...

I think this is the first game to actually disserve 10s in each of the areas - it covers all of em. But i think you should make the shop more interesting with more stuff (stil love the music) - i got the top weapon at the beg of level 4 and i couldnt be stuffed to play past level 11 - I think that 51000 pieces of gold is enough to get the queen a pool! - It gets too repetitive otherwise (maybe introduce more characters) - all that said, it still hooked me on this game for 55min which is amazing with my concentration span!

im happy

16.28 - much better than what i thought :P:P

Great Game But...

you got a bug - you can buy 4 things for the upper area and 3 for the lower, not 3 for both! - gets the menu pretty messy when you are setting up the 2nd level

This game is great - i loved watching the pikachu melt!!! LOVE IT!!!
I finally finished the game after SOOOOOOOOO many tries - but i cant do it without landmines - ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?!?! :P

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The True Sound of Battle

If you play this piece, try to imagine the battle, and notice how the music is structured with 'attacks'

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